Friday, February 27, 2009

If I Were To Get A Tattoo

If I were to get a Tattoo,

What would it be of?
Where would I put it?

So today I dedicated to Googling tattoos.
In my opinion, smaller and more obscure tattoos are the best [at least for me].

I definitely like the ones on the back of the neck, like Rihanna's or Chris Brown's.
Or perhaps a little one tucked behind the ear, or on it in some instances.

These would be very easy to conceal if the need arose.

Maybe a zodiac sign, mine is Gemini as illustrated in the picture to the side. Or maybe an expression of my background with an Irish symbol?

Would a butterfly or flower or cluster of stars be too overrated?
I personally adore the stars, and in some instances a butterfly can be beautiful.

I found the one that says "I'm the toughest girl I know" placed under the breast to be intriguing, but I would never be as brave or brazen enough to commit to a tattoo like that, although I fully commend the woman who did!
A very sexy spot to put a Tattoo would be on the hip, like the one of the stars trailing downwards or the floral design. Or the wrist, it would be easy to hide.

One thing I know for sure is that I would definitely not get a tramp stamp/ass antlers (No Offense to those that Have). A tramp stamp being a (typically horizontally spread) tattoo across the lower back. I just find it a tad tacky and overrated, and I must admit, even though it may not always ring true, it is associated with being, um lets say sexually uninhibited and of loose morals or getting around. I must repeat, this is not always true, simply an observation and opinion from my perspective.

The next issue may be whether or not to apply colour. Colour can be really attractive if done right, but eventually it will fade and have to be re-inked. On the other hand, a plain black tattoo would also eventually need to be re-inked.

However, everything looks good in black, and one should always keep it simple and sexy.

My contemplation continues........


PiinkCupcakez said...

i love tattoos.. i say go for it! lol

FuN and MakeUp said...

thanks for droppin by my blog xoxo

Ms M said...

ooooooouchies, you are a far braver woman than i! apparently coloured tattoos hurt more, i think black ones look more classy anyways. I agree with you, small obsecure ones are the best - not too garish and not big enough to regret!!

good luck with the choice, pleeeease let me know which one you get!! ahah, and tell me how it goes (im somewhat allergic to pain...)