Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Les Danseurs

Fashion inspired by the world of dance.

Movement, beauty, emotion, passion...

At the age of five my Mom enrolled me in our local dance studio. I took classes of jazz, tap, acro, and ballet. I will be the first to admit that I wasn't the most graceful, and my turnout not so great, but I had heart and determination as well as flexibility and strength.
This attitude spilled over into my daily life, as well as into my fashion sense.
For me, it was just easy to go to school in my pink tights with body suit underneath, it just made changing that much quicker.
[Cue phonebooth, young Canadian Girl takes off tshirt and jeans to reveal... Ballet Babe!]
After I switched dance studios (a move to a larger city and better academy), my friends and I would waltz over to the mall across the way in our dance shorts, black/white/pink tights and a cute shirt or sweater thrown over top. Sometimes you might have even caught us with our leg warmers on. It could be a really classic ballet look with the pinks tights paired with flats and a hoodie but could easily change to a freer rebellious style with black tights ripped at the knee paired with black shorts and a tee.
As we all can see, eventually this style caught on, and everyone was wearing ballet flats and knock-off Capezio tights or leggings. Even leg warmers were revived. I have even seen American Apparel ads sporting a ballet bodysuit/ leotard.
This just goes to show how much of an influence this classical and reknowned dance sector has in the fashion world.
And I can't blame or hate on the people who jumped onto the ballet wagon, and even made it their own and gave it new angles and twists (some people even went as far to wear [fake] tutus!), because it is so darn cute and easy to throw together a ballet outfit.

Ballet - by canadiangirrl on Polyvore.com

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