Monday, April 27, 2009

Elephants <3

So Right now I am kind of having an elephant fetish.

No particular reason, it just came into my mind that I like elephants.
Elephants are beautiful and intelligent creatures, and should likewise be treated with respect. Many are killed for their tusks, which are used to manufacture ivory goods of many types. If it continues at this rate, there will be no more of these big and brilliant mammals on the Earth.

On another note, when I was little my Mom collected elephants. Now not real elephants but little necklaces and trinkets of sorts. I think I will borrow hers come to think of it :)
Here is an ele-inspired set I created.

I Heart Elephants
I Heart Elephants by canadiangirrl featuring Juicy Couture jewelry

Good Times: The Road Trip

I just thought I would share a funny and endearing little story with the world.

It was the summer of 2008 and we travelled the three hour trip to Sauble Beach (pretty much the nicest beach around here).

It was supposed to be perfect, tons of fun and a fabulous weekend of relaxation and soaking up the sun.

So after being stuck an extra hour in a traffic jam just getting into the city we finally get there and lay out our towels. By this time it is like 4 or 5 o'clock. Not exactly prime beach hours, especially not for tanning.

So there is a group of teenagers playing football or something like that, and are totally being reckless on this ridiculously crowded beach,

and WHAAP! My mom gets nailed by the ball in the middle of the back (she is laying face down on her towel). She turns over with the most annoyed look on her face. Some bimbo trots up and picks up the ball, "Oh-Em-Geeeee Likee I am SOO Sorry." (she didnt say that exactly but you catch my drift)

No less than two minutes later

SMACK! Mom is hit again right on the side of the head. Now she is totally pissed. I fear for their personal safety, lives even.

They just stood there, staring. Uh, hello, maybe you should stop now. You bunch of idiots.

They just run over, say the same thing and pick up the ball.

I say, "If that ball hits me, I am so throwing it all the way down the opposite end of the beach, just to piss them off."

We decide five minutes later to pick up and move to a fresher spot closer to the water that has just recently been vacated.

Alas! Away from threatening ball and stupid teenagers.

TING! I get smoked in the back of the head with an apple core. Who throws an apple core.

Whether they did it on purpose or were littering, they should have gotten up off of their lazy butts and walked the 30 second trip to the garbage can. Seriously.

So I was sure they had seen me get hit, it was devastating, and that they were pretending it was not their fault, snickering and pointing.

I guess that is just paranoia mixed with humiliation.

We decide to wrap it up and go grab a bite to eat. Good thing that went over well. If it hadn't I may have exploded.

SO then we begin calling hotels and motels, for a place to stay the night. That way we could get a fresh start to the next day, a full and complete day at the beach. Great, right?

Wrong. Our luck could not get any worse.

Turns out, there is some big basketball tournament or whatever in town, or the next town over.

EVERYTHING is completely booked.

EVERYTHING within an hour radius has no vacancy. We even called every bed and breakfast within an hour radius, and nada.

By this time, it is almost midnight. My Mom's cell phone is dead. Needs to be charged. So we stop at the Sauble Beach Tim Hortons for some juice and timbits (aka doughnut holes).

They graciously allow my Mom to use their power outlet in the staff room to charge her phone. So we chill outside for a bit. We decided, with no other options, our last resort was to sleep in the car. The tiny car cramped with our cooler and our towels and our stuff.

So my sister and I get ready for nighty-night in the public restroom. i couldn't help feeling like a bum, reminiscing of the avril lavigne music video ('home' i think it is..? she wants to go home, and nobody is home. ...) as well as the pursuit of happyness with will smith. The scene where he is sleeping in the bathroom. Nothing that extreme, but it was thought of in that moment. Washed my face

So I called shot gun. tilted the seat way back and covering the windows with towels and etcetera to keep the light out.

My sister called back seat and Mom got the drivers side, putting up with the ever-annoying steering wheel.

It was one of the worst sleeps of my life, who knew THIS Tim Hortons was the busiest Tim Hortons ever, at all hours of the night. Ughhhhh.....

So by about 6:30 am we decide that there was no more sleep to be had.
We popped over to McDonalds (ba-da-ba-ba-ba) for some breaky.
At least this worked out. I did not know how much more bad luck I could take.
Mmm. McGriddle with hasbrown and OJ. Yum Yum.
Then to the little Italian cafe in the downtown strip at the beach for a latte.
then I sipped it as I watched the early morning sun, warming in its glow..
Only to freeze shock my entire body when my sister and I double dared each other to run as fast as we could into the chilly morning lake. Brrrrr! Cold.
Not so bad once you get in, and kind of refreshing, gives you a little wake up.
I guess it was my shower, seeing as how I didn't get one in a nice cozy hotel.
Anyhoo. Got out, set up our beach blankets and fell asleep for about two or three hours,
really catching up on lost sleep I guess.
The rest of the day went great :)
With the money we didn't spend, we got to go shopping (sweet!)
Now, in retrospect it was definitely a sacrifice worth making :)
Who doesn't love shopping, come on.
And then we drove home in the sunset, sand still clinging to our clothes and hair,
and nice golden tan to take home with us.
We have decided that this will be a tradition. Why bother wasting money on a hotel.
Lets just camp out in our car, and then sleep on the beach and splurge with our money on cute sales!

To good times!

Birds of a Feather

Peacock by canadiangirrl featuring Daytrip tops

Recently I have been caught up in a craze of peacock feathers.

So pretty. <3

So chic.

Decicated to my group members!
Decicated to my group members! by Tshirt Junkie on


Prom Styling

SO here goes the daunting task of styling my sister for her prom.
Dont get me wrong, i am truly excited, buuuut she has difficulty with fashion. And she gets her mind set on one thing and refuses to open it to try new things.
Like this one time we were shopping for bikinis and I found one that would be perfect for her body AND it was stylish and had a cute pattern and was reversible. So all arguments on my side. I said just try it on, I know you will love it. So she was pissing and moaning the whole time, and guess what?
She loved it. Still does. And bought it and wore it that day.
So I wish she would just trust my judgement and do what I tell her to!
lol. Not that exactly but you catch my drift.
So she wants a yellow dress...
here is a quick polyvore set, designed for inspiration and to help decide shape, texture, fit, design, type, shade of yellow, length, etc.

yellow by canadiangirrl on

If anyone has any suggestions please make them!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SAVE THE WORLD!! [and look cute doing it :) ]

Save the world and look cute doing it!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Today I decided I would commit myself to planting a tree!
and to prove I did indeed do it, I will take pictures of it!
Earth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment.
So what have you decided to do to show your gratitude for our planet?
It can be something as small as picking up litter, planting a tree, or leaving off the power for one day.

SO I did a little legwork and I found some sites worth taking a look at!
The Daily Green
Get a Free Eco-Chic Tote Bag from Calypso Studios for Earth Day!

Here area few easy tips to go green!!

  • When you go out shopping, bring your own reusable bags. This preserves resources by cutting down on the huge number of paper and plastic bags that are discarded after a single trip.
  • Wash Your laundry in cold water instead of hot.
  • Transportation:Car Pool, talk a Walk, Ride a Bike!

There are so many things that you can do to reduce your ecological and carbon footprints! the information and advice is just beyond your fingertips, just reach out and grab it.

Be Fierce!
Fierce about saving the planet!

go green
go green by canadiangirrl on

Save the world (for toutchi)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eighties Jeans

I lurve lurve LURVE this eighties acid jeans trend. Ashely Tisdale just looks Fab-U-Lous!

so hot. So I made an inspiration page for myself.

Perhaps I shall make my own! what a novel idea!

80's jeans

(I got this off of some yahoo q&a message board)
FIRST OF ALL: put on some old clothes you wouldnt mind getting bleach on and a pair of gloves if u have sensitive skin. i am 31 years old so i was in my early teens thru the 80's. grew up in the nineties but kinda know this because we did it then too. your jeans will not fall apart by adding bleach to them FOR A SHORT TIME. They will for sure if u leave it on too long. Take a small clean mop bucket and add bleach. Put your pants in and get them totally absorbed. Take them out of the bleach ring them out ...not so completely tho. Take your rocks and scrub them up and down them. This will push the bleach down into the fibers and give u the "stone washed" look. You will have to scrub at them really well with the rocks. Or at some drugs stores, maybe walmart you can by an actuall stone washing kit. The stone washing kit is done thru your drier. But of course this is the do it yourself site. After you have scrubbed the bleach into the jeans very well u will let them sit 5 or 10 minutes. Do not let this project take more then 20 minutes or so. Wash your jeans immediatly, because after this point they could fall apart. But a short time with bleach on them will not kill them. Wash with other white clothing that you would be bleaching. Dry as usual!

I even found a link for a videa on how to acid wash jeans! suh-weet.

Wish Me Luck!

After I take on this project I will take pictures and share it with ya'll!


I worked all day on my blog, trying to give it a new, chic-er look.
and VOILA!
with the help of TCBOTB my blog is finally reader worthy.
Pul-eeze enjoy my hard work, and even become a follower!
Pretty Pleeeease!
I am in desperate need of followers.

Much love!


I have always had a little soft spot for photography. An appreciation of sorts.
I like taking pictures, Its fun. And not the Ooh-Im-gonna-pucker-my-lips-and-hold-the-camera-way-up-high-so-I-look-better kind of shots, nor the obsessive, and near the same as the previous, type of pictures that you just take of yourself supermodeling in front of a miror or otherwise that you upload to Facebook and label 'mee <3'
Just of anything. Example: my dog staring off into the distance, the sun setting in the background. OR my youngest sister contorting her body in a Cirque du Soleil-esque way.
Moments captured in time, memories forever digitally frozen.
So, every once in a while I will post some of my very own photography.
I am not a photographer of sorts, I do not even have photoshop, and I will not dedicate myself to posting the best photos. I will simply casually toss my ideas and digital moments out into fortress of the internet.
TO be loved, to be hated, to be appreciated, or simply to be looked at.