Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Haul

So I thought I would give a quickie update and show you what I got for my birthday.

Socks (yah exciting right?)
Well I hate not wearing socks because the idea of filthy dirty feet haunts my mind.

pretty necklace

OPI nailpolish. suh-weeeet.

Some goodies from boyfriend from La Senza (its like Victorias Secret but in Canada)
but I will not post my little naughty nothings on the internet. :)

This looks like a stuffed animal riiight? Yes and No. It is a little stuffed lamb dipped in candle wax. Yes candle wax. It almost acts like a scent diffuser for my entire room. It smells of heaven. That is if heaven smelled of pina coladas :] Plus it is adorable.

A giant candle. Check the inside out. Yes real strawberries. Now I thought it was Jam (partially because of the title and partially because it looks like jam) but it is a candle that smells deliciously of fresh strawberries.

More candles. I am sensing a theme or perhaps it is just coincidence. Do my friends and family think I smell? lol. These chic little candle holders plus cinnamon scented tea candles.

My sis, M, gave me the Barbie pink bikini I have coveted for months. Big Score.
I cannot wait to wear it. :)

A reusable bag. Isnt it adorable. Love the bright colours and the pattern. This will be my beach bag.

and I got a bunch of little things like hair scrunchies and clips and hair accessories etc.
I got Cash Moneey. Yes! I need the money to save up for a car. Yay. So not alot of gifts this year, mostly money. lots of it. :)
stay tuned for a future shopping spree.!

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Weekend

Hey there so Ima just give you a plain ol bread n butter post telling ya what i did
So Friday was uber boring. Moving on to Saturday, I had to get up at 230 am with the fam to work. I worked until lunch and was allowed to leave early because I was heading to a wedding.
Weddings are totally fun. It was at this swanky hotel, the ceremony the reception the dinner and the whole shabang. It was great.

I did a quickie switchie from farm girl frump to girly glamorous!
Did the hair all voluminous and wore this beautiful floral dress. I felt very Marchesa meets Barbie. :)

The exciting thing was that I was legal to drink. So before cocktail hour a friend bought me a strawberry daquiri and it was yum.
During cocktail hour I knocked back a few smirnoff vodka mixed drinks and I was ready to dance the night away!
And so I did, and cheers to the happy couple!

The next morning we had this free continental breaky, and then we had brunch! There was a delish omelette station, a huge dessert table, a chocolate fountain complete with fresh fruit, belgian waffles, french toast, and pretty much everything my little heart desired :)
and then the rest of the day was we laid out in the sun soaking up the rays, a fabulous end to a fabulous weekend!
here are some pictys, sorry the one full body is so cruddy, I didnt really have time for pics!! :(

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So... I am kind of angry
Mostly because my computer is slow as snails in a traffic jam.
I have dial up. Yes, the dreaded dial up.
It makes it impossible to upload pictures. So you know if I uploaded pictures I had to think about it seriously, pondering whether I was willing to commit my time to such a gesture.
I did a post a while ago to enter Sarah's Disney contest. So I did it up buuuut when I went to post the link in her comments computer disconnected and then shut down.
I was like "Oh Damn!" I will do it later, no bigs, just be chills. Ha. didnt happen. But I guess that is partially my fault.
And then the other day I "sent" the email to her of the pictures and link.
It didnt send apparently. This morning I got one of those delivery status notification failure, or whatever you call it. And so by that point it was too late, so I obviously did not make it into the contest. this upset me cause it was my first contest entry, and I was tres excited.
It just makes me want to karate chop my computer in half Jackie Chan style.
hate it hate it hate it. dang it dang it dang it.
Disappointed! :'(
But congrats to Sarah for getting so many entries! I dont think mine would have stood a chance! They were all amazing.
on the positive side.. I did have alot of fun doing it. And my computer teaches me an odd form of anger management. GooseFraBaaaaa....

Check out my Little Mermaid entry HERE. <<<<