Monday, February 9, 2009

Canadian Playmates

"Canadian fashion model Jayde Nicole, 22, was named Playboy's 2008 Playmate of the Year at a luncheon yesterday at the Playboy Mansion, winning her a nude spread in the June issue, a 2008 Cadillac CTS, and $100,000 in prize money
-Huffington Post

I was just cruising the net and though that this was pretty cool. A Canadian girl in the Playboy Mansion, pretty cool, and even winning Playmate of the year.

Say what you want, but I am proud. I mean, it doesn't really matter that her profession is exactly conservative. Canadian girls are hot. Props to Jayde Nicole, and I really love her dress, it is absolutely adorable. Thats really what caught my eye and led me to this link, I was not looking up playmates. Ahem. Just to make things clear.

Respect, that’s what the tattoo says on her pubic-hill. It’s written in black, old-english letters, her words about the tattoo:
I put it there so I could hide it and continue to do modeling. I got it when I left a bad relationship to remind myself that I deserved more and not to let ANYONE push you around and treat you poorly! This is very important, not just for girls, but for everyone!!!

Perhaps a tad inappropriate, but nonetheless interesting and it has a good story behind it.

So I read on about Canadian playmates and found myself some interesting little tidbits!

It wasn’t long ago that Canadians were viewed as little more than hewers of wood and drawers of water. Fortunately, that perception began changing in the late 20th century when some of our most voluptuous native daughters began appearing in the pages of Playboy magazine. Now, several decades later, our home and native land is celebrated around the world for producing some of the most mouthwatering glamour models to ever strike a pose. (

Here are just a few of our gorgeous Playmates:

Brooke Berry Tailor James

Shannon Tweed [ she is married to Gene Simmons, how cool is that?]

Pamela Anderson [Baywatch,....]


Ms M said...

Aha i love tattoos with amazing backstories! must have hurt like heeeeeeell though!

and that dress is awesome; looks like a sequin box exploded (in a good way!!)


Judson said...

Playboy Playmates are legendary—they are the pinnacle of beauty and sexiness. They are screened and hand-picked by Hef himself, and they are scrutinized vigorously.

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