Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh Em Gee

Okay so I thought I would throw out a quick post because just a minute ago I almost had a hernia.
Alright, so not really. But I logged into my Blogger account and saw on my dashboard, as usual, the 'Blogs Im Following' tab. But when I went to look at the latest posts of the blogs I do follow, there was nothing there. It was not that it had not loaded yet, because it had, and it said that I was NOT following any blogs and "heres how to follow a blog blah blah blah..."
"W-W-What?" was what I said. (no literally I did, ask the dust bunnies)
I know some of the urls for the blogs I like, but it is just so convenient that I can click a button and go right to it. Call me lazy.
So I went about business as usual and then went back to my dashboard.
They are back. And oddly enough, I now appreciate the little "Blogs Im Following" tab.
And I thought. Well lets share with the world some of the blogs I enjoy. :)

Working Girl - I love love LOVE this blog. Working Girl 1 and Working Girl 2 share with the world their adventures, exciting or not, in the working world, as well as the occasional gossip. I believe they are positively contributing to women who read their blog by giving helpful advice as well as a nice dose of laughter. Props WG1 &WG2.

The 411 On Everything Glam - A fun beauty blog I drop by to get my cosmetic fix.

Almost Stylish - More than almost stylish, I would say definitely stylish, but a cute throwback to the Almost Famous movie phrase. It is a girl from Germany (or maybe Austria?) either way she speaks German (I am pretty sure she is, but feel free to correct!) who blogs about her daily outfits and other fashion tidbits.

Cake Wrecks -Now for a girl who loves cake comes a nice kick, a blog about cake success and disasters with an enjoyable comedic twist!

Cupcakes and Yellow Nailpolish - a fellow polyvore whore, Ms M's fashion sense is admirable, and I enjoy her quirky little stories and fun fashion collages.

La Dolce Vita- Another beauty blog that I enjoy because of its uniqueness and fun bold ideas.

Why Women Hate Men
- the title speaks for itself, it is a hands down hilarious blog about the many far fetched crazy things men have done to get women.

Vintage Lollipops - An undeniable fashion brilliance as well as an infectious love for fashion is a great reason to stalk this blog.

The Vintage Year- a practical and interesting story of a fashionista who has decided not to buy new clothes for a whole year.

These are a few of my current Fabulous Faves, and I am sure there will be many more!


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Ms M said...

Ahaha aaw, thanks so much for the mention ;) you crazy fool

I have a little surprise for you on my blog, click on my latest post...mwahahha!!