Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rain on My Parade...

OH ----EMM---GEE!!!!!


it is supposed to rain on my birthday.

so disappointing.

I really wanted to go to the beach.

Well.. 60% chance. But we all know that means "dont get your hopes up"

Cause if you hope it aint gonna rain, all bets are that it will. Just to spite you.


Fingas crossed the Weather Network is wrong.

Maybe it will change, and it will be gorgeous all day.....
(knocks on wood. Dont jinx it! dont jinx it!)



So.. to look Gorgeous for my bday...

I am doing an at home spa night.

Alone. lol.

My sisters left :( (M is 15 and H is 11. A is 20 but doesnt live at home)

and I am so not doing mani pedis with bro, L, who is 12.

hahahah. He would like that. bazziiing!

May Be dying hair tanight!!

Hopefully Mom will still wanna go to Walmart for hair dye, it is a-storming! (grr..)

will post before and after pics!!!

pray against the rain for this monday, June 1st!!! Do not kill any spiders ;)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tres Excited!



in three days.

but it feels like it.
I am just one of those people who draw out the birthday celebration to like.. a week.
Love it.
So I am turning the big 1-9

Yah, geezer right?
But here in Canada it means I am of legal age to drink....suhweet.
So boyfriend says that he will bu my first drink. But where?
And most importantly....what?

I truly am a lover of sweet drinks, ever since one crazy halloween party I just cannot stand the smell/taste of alcohol. I am not a beer gal, more of a vodka chika, I can take shots, but if I am enjoying a fruity drink, I dont wanna taste the alcohol. I have no tolerance. Cheap drunk ha ha. Which I guess is aiight in these times where saving money in all perspectives is necessary.

Here is my dream cake. I know, I am not Debbie, or am I 30, but I love this cake. If the inside was chocolate I would love it more. :)

So any suggestions.? Any favourites you would love to share? Please Comment!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I saw this headline on my MSN homepage about Archie and Betty and Veronica and I just had to read it, and share it with the blog world.

First things first. I have been reading the Archie comics brand since I was like 8 years old. I probably have a couple hundred issues in a box in our attic.

So, the obvious cornerstone of Archie comics has been this never ending love triangle between the three. Rich and spoiled Veronice (Ronnie) Lodge, Betty Cooper -the all american good girl, and of course our indecisive ginger Archie Andrews.
From a young age I recognize how unfair it was for a man, such as Archie, to string along two women, sitting between the fences of two yards. He was never really forced to choose, no real confrontation, at least in my memory. So poo on Archie for being a jerk!
But I guess it makes Betty and Veronica just as dumb to allow themselves to be treated this way, to be frenemies and made to to lie and backstab just for a boy. But I guess that is what makes the love triangle so juicy right?
I read the story and found that


{drum rollllllll}


I was sincerely disappointed in his choice. If he knew what was good for him he would have chosen Betty Cooper. The girl who has time and time again done everything for him, tolerated his shit and the fact that he is also dating her best friend. She was probably the one who did his homework and chores etc. In my opinion, he didnt treat Betty like she deserved to be treated, like a princess. Thats how he treated Veronica, and she did dick all.
So maybe Archie is marrying for money? $$$$
But after I gave it more thought I realized... Archie doesn't deserve Betty! He really does deserve to be with shallow and stupid spoiled Veronica! Betty needs to meet the man of her dreams. Lets pray it is not Reggie!!! or Jughead! lol.

Its kind of like Gossip Girl I guess. Blair and Chuck are incredibly alike, and at the end of this season (2), they end up together.

Noticing a parallel I figured Betty just needs to find her Dan Humphrey or Nate Archibald. :]
But just because he has proposed (in the 600th issue) does not mean there is no possibility for further drama. Maybe they wont get married. Maybe they are doomed to fail. Maybe some rich man will sweep Ronnie Lodge off her feet, and by the time he turns to Betty she will be gone and he will be alone forever! karmic retribution indeed!

Now a real shocker would have been that he proposed to the red headed bombshell Cheryl Blossom.


Here is the story:

Picture sources:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The baby raccoon I rescued the other day was put down.

See here for the story on how I found this poor little creature.

After a day and a half my mom and I decided to call up the SPCA and they came the next morning, but we werent home.

They whisked him off to their lab and did some tests and examinations.

Due to its suffering, the SPCA declared it was not able to survive happily and be healthy, so they put it down.

Coonie (his/her name) is in a better place now. (yes.. raccoon. coon. coonie.)
I was a bit saddened by the thought of a little animal being put down, even if everyone hates raccoons, and even I do sometimes too, its just sad when it is suffering you know. Oh my bleeding heart. Laugh if you may, but I am truly sensitive to things like that. I really love animals. I by no means want to be a vet (I couldnt stand dealing with animals in pain so often)

but I really hate when animals suffer. Sometimes I like animals more than humans!

Oh I know how crazy that sounds......

But at least they dont talk back!!!

[budda ching!!]

On a more solemn note, here is my forum to take a moment of silence.

Coonie, I knew you only two days, but I hope you are no longer in pain.

Here is a raccoon inspired fashion/ expression polyvore collage in memoriam to Coonie.

Coonie <3

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Barbie <3

I love Barbie.
Always have. Always will.
I had dozens and dozens of barbies as a child, as did my three sisters.
Which means like.. a hundred barbies.
Plus my Grandma collects Barbies.
So I thought it would be very appropriate to enter this Barbie themed contest. :)
Here is my inspiration: Barbie Pictures

Canadian Barbie (unofficial)

Marchesa barbie

Red Carpet barbie

Malibu Barbie

beach Barbie

So I am really trying to focus on *brunette* Barbie styles to be inspired by, because that is my hair colour.
I am deff digging the pink.....
but shall I go Barbie glam or Barbie classic?

I will update with my choice and my entry soon!!!



So I was outside today, doing some outdoor work for ma mere.
I was by the barn and picking up some crates for some odd job when I, being a tad of a klutz, dropped them all.
Then I heard this hissing, almost snarling noise behind me.
I whip around and see nothing (not at eye level anyways)
Then I look down, and against the barn wall is a kitten sized raccoon.
I must admit, at that precise moment I was terrified.
What if it attacked me, or if it had rabies.
My mind is racing with images of that terrifying movie Quarantine and of images of this fur ball clinging and clawing on my head.
I took a few steps back, reassuring myself I could outrun this little critter.
[Yah. I am cool.]
Then we both stood there, the raccoon looking at me, and I at the 'coon.
My heart sank to my toes. It was blind. Yes. Both of its eyes appeared to have been clawed out of their sockets.
The poor little animal was simply reacting to the loud (clumsy) noise I had made, and was trying to defend itself.
I stayed still and quiet.
Then it crawled back between the barn and crates (there was about 3 or4 inches of space between the two).
I quickly recovered from the initial shock of seeing the raccoon and ran back into the barn to grab my cell phone.. to take pictures of course.
I took a few and then observed that the little raccoon looked dehydrated, as it licked its parched lips and blindly stumbled between the crates. I quickly poured my bottled water into a bowl and grabbed some of our guinea pigs food to feed it.
I pulled on some thick electrical gloves and approached the coon. (who knows if it would bite me or whatever. Just being safe)
I just set down the water and food and watched for a minute or two. before I realized that of course it couldn't help itself because it couldn't see!
Gawsh! Sometimes I can be a bit of a dunce. lol.
Then I slowly and cautiously grabbed the water bowl and positioned it on an angle so that the water would pour onto the ground and drip near its mouth.
It got the hint!
The poor little thing lapped up the water thirstily. It had a few pieces of food but not much.
It just seemed like it had been laying there, waiting to die.

My little brother got home and helped me with finding a temporary shelter for the baby coon. To keep it from the birds, flies, and of course our huge dog, as well as wild dogs.
yes we have coyotes and such.
So now we have it up on our mothers barn desk, away from predators and the extreme heat and relentless flies, which were bugging it (no pun intended) and picking at its injured eyes.
I hope it will be okay.
I am not really sure what to do. So right now my mom and I are making calls, trying to see if we should take it to a wild animal shelter or vet, or if we should just let nature take its course, and let it back into the wild....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Little Mermaid: Disney Contest Entry

I am entering my very first contest!!!

Please do not be too disappointed in me!

I am hardly a make up expert, and I am not connoiseur of the perfect look.

I just wanted to give it whack, for funsies. :]

Sarah over at If the shoe fits... is hosting a Disney themed contest.

here is the link.

So I chose one of my very fave Disney princesses,

The Little Mermaid!!


So this will be my first contest entry ever, just to say it again!

Now I am no make-up guru, but like any lady out there, I love playing with make up and dolling myself up <3

I was totally pumped with this.

I had fun playing with the glitter and the big lashes. It could have been better, but the more I practice the better I will get! :)

Unfortunately I was very limited in the actual selection of my photos. You see, I used my mothers camera, an old Sony, and it uses discs instead of memory cards to store pictures. It is not very reliable, and messes up most of the time. The first disc worked until it was full and then i stuck in a second. This one took pictures and then crawled in the corner and died :( The pictures would not load on the computer... and it was this group that was the best!!!


Oh well. i will post it up anyways!

I will first take the time to apologize for bad lighting and overexposure in most of my pictures. Its my own loss really, but I had fun!!!!! I hope ya'll enjoiiii!

Here is my inspiration:

Here is my entry:

Yes I know we were supposed to post three.......but I liked these :]

Here is an extra I played with for funsies!

To elaborate upon my entry::

I chose purple for the eyes because I was reminiscent of her purple shell bra that I loved so much! Sparkly because she IS a princess, and because she is a mermaid! I tried to make my skin look very shimmery as to give off an ethereal mermaid look. And then of course Ariels red lips!

Products used:

Graftobian GLitter Gel

Graftobian Luster Creme Silver Starlight

Graftobian Luster POwder Silver Starlight

Stuff by Hilary Duff Purple GLitter

MesmerEyes Full Lashes (with rhinestones)

Colour Worksop Eyes

Coquette colour palette

TruBlend Whipped Foundation in warm beige

Maybelline Mineral Power in Light

Avon Nutralush in Rosestone

BonBons White Eyeshadow

Estee Lauder Illusionist Maximum Curling Mascara

Rimmel London Blush 001 Santa Rose

Avon Clear Gel Mascara

Please Comment and tell me what you think!!!!!!!!!