Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Americas Best Dance Crew

Among the reality competition shows, Randy Jackson Presents Americas Best Dance Crew is definitely in my top five.
Having been a dancer for about ten years, I definitely have an appreciation for it.

Some of my personal faves have been JabbaWockeez, Kabba Modern, Break Skate, Beat Freakz, Strikers All Stars, Super Crew, Supreme Soul, Dynamic Edition, and Quest.

Maybe thats a big list? But there have been three great seasons. The JabbaWockeez were the first season winners, adorable with or without their masks. They always came up with versatile and unique choreography as well as tricks, and those shirts are just so cool. I truly wish I had a JabbaWockeez shirt. My second favourite of Season 1 ABDC was definitely Kabba Modern, and in a close third was Break Skate. All three of these crews had their own unique elements, JabbaWockeez had the masks, Kabba Modern had isolated hand choreography, and Break Skate, well it was break dancing on roller skates, how much cooler could you get?
The best routines definitely came from the Micheal Jackson inspired week, JabbaWockeeze without a doubt being my favourite with 'Billy Jean'. LOVED IT <3
And their Tshirts. I want one. Two maybe. So Sick.

Season Two faves? A bit tough, but probably Supreme Soul tied up with Super Crew, even though Super Crew won, I believe they are both great crews.

ABDC Season 3 promises to be very competitive and unique, each team having an edge. There is so much diversity between competitors, (dance diversity of course).

I am proud to say that ABDC is now embracing dance styles other than that of JUST Hip Hop or Break Dancing. The judges like Lil Mama and Shane Sparks, have been, in the past, very rigid when it came to being more open to other dance styles. 'Ya'll need more hip hop. . .'
I really do not like Lil Mama, just for this reason.
She is so close-minded, and, for lack of a better word, stupid.
I could do a better job of judging these crews than she could, honestly. She is only one year older than I, and I have way more dance background and experience in many areas, not just dancing in the streets of Brooklyn or rapping.
I really hate that she, and others like her, have to pidgeon hole dancing to be directly related to the hip hop style.
Maybe if she did her research she would know it is quite new compared to the many other types of dancing.
It makes sense that Jc Chasez and Shane Sparks are judges, but Lil Mama. Come on.
She is an idiot. Like telling those cloggers (I call them tap dancers) that they need more hip hop?
HELLOOO? Its called Americas Best DANCE Crew, Dance, not Americas Best Hip Hop Crew.
And props to JC for saying so. You tell em. I just wanted to crawl through the tv and smack her.
She is so dumb and ignorant. They are getting an under educated (dance wise anyways), under experienced kid to judge.
In my opinion this is an insult to Shane and JC, they have experience and then they plop this stupid little girl at the judges table between them with crazy rhinestones and outfits that makes you think she cares more about her style and outfits for the show than about educating herself upon what she is judging. And not just that, but she can't even speak English properly.
Like ya'll needa hiddit reel hard, ya kno? Fo Sho. Know wha I meeen?
Not cool. It is a joke, She is a joke. Who is she trying to impress? Im not usually the kind to "hate on celebs", I hate on people who think they got 'it' and they really don't. She is overconfident in her talents [or lack thereof]. Yah, I went there. She really isn't as hardcore as she thinks.
Plus she is really immature, she can't just objectively critique a crew, she has to compare and down talk. What a dumb little B!&#H!
Lets switch it around. Lets have a dancer judge her [c]rapping skills like she judges their dancing skills. Hmm.
She claims she was raised on the streets. Oh Bull$&!*! She is 19 now, and has been on ABDC for each season, so retroactive about 2 or 3 years. And before that when she attempted a career, so 16 or 17.
You haven't been there very long, and you can really stop acting like life is so hard.
Really, it can be much worse. Think of others before you act like you had it tough.
I just know I am not alone. Really, Im Not. Google "I Hate Lil Mama" and read what you find.
Dont act surprised.
This judging stint is only a way to respark her career after her album failure.
Ooh. I went there again.!
Moving on from my Lil Mama Rant (I really needed to get that off of my chest).......

This season we have the uber talented tap dancers, who have up until this moment been underestimated in the general public. As a prior tapper, I can really appreciate their talents, infused with great choreography as well as a bit of a hip hop vibe.
Strikers All Stars hit it hard, great choreography and versatility.
Quest and Beat Freakz, a bit more hip hop than the rest, are among my faves.

This season also has a heavy cross-over from So You Think You Can Dance. Quest Crew's Ryan Conferido was a season 1 finalist, Hok and D-Trix (Dominic) were season 3 finalists. Also, clogger Brandon Norris of Dynamic Edition was heavily featured during the season 3 try-outs of SYTYCD and performed at the season finale. Judge Shane Sparks has also judged and choreographed for numerous seasons of SYTYCD. Also included are the Beat Freaks which consist of a group with many professional dancers namely Rino Nakasone, formerly of the Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls.

One of the teams I had an eye on that I actually really enjoyed were the Puerto Rico natives with a splash of salsa [dancing] was G.O.P Dance Crew. Unfortunately, this crew as well as Boxcuttuhz and Fly Khicks were in the bottom three for a sudden death dance off, resulting in G.O.P heading home.

Personally I thought Boxcuttuhz sucked hard and should have been the first to go home.
What gets me is how Fly Khicks has been in the bottom 3 times, and still survive. Its not that they are bad, but they are just the one forgetable crew.

Lets make a prediction,
Season Three winner will be Beat Freaks.
"We are an all styles crew, so we teach each other" says Out There. Adds Lockn'Key, "This is a well-rounded group of women. We have B- girling, freestyle, hip-hop, popping, locking, house salsa, jazz, ballet, you name it." Plus, says Rino, "We love to laugh and to have fun."
All-Girl Crew, All the way to the end. Representin!!!

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