Tuesday, December 22, 2009

brunette to blond

I have a little plan of dying my hair
and I kinda want to go lighter and by June *my birthday* have caramel blond hair.
It would be lovely and I have never really had that colour before.
so here is my tentative yet gradual transition!

brunette to blonde...

Booties Vs Heels

Booties vs Heels

Now I need to get apair of SEXYYY HEELS

Now the question is..


or Heels?

{defining criteria: booties must be closed toe and black. Heels, no restrictions, pile em high!}

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Eye Candy 09

A most fitting quote from Friends' character Joey,
as I profess to the world my eye candy crushes of 2009.
These men are drool worthy, and although there are man male celebs who are worthy of a Hottie of The Year award, these are my faves.
Note: compiled in no particular order..
Enjoiiii. :]

Sexy man-siren, Gilles Marini made his big debut in the Sex and the City movie as Samantha Jones' naughty neighbour. And in the end of the movie, we get a nice shot of his bod, naked, and a little something something. Watch the movie if you ain't catching my drift. He also burned up the small screen competing in reality dance show Dancing with the Stars, coming in 2nd place overall, losing out to Shawn Johnson. Although, I believe he should have won, the MAN CAN DANCE! <3
I give this suave sexpot 5 of 5 appreciate stares and nine oogling ladies. :]


Paul Wesley is hands down my favourite this year. He has been an underdog in Hollywood for some time, starring in the low key tv show Fallen and many other series and movies. However, he has hit the celebrity jackpot with the new hit series Vampire Diaries. Currently one of my favourite shows, Paul plays brooding and beautiful stud vampire Stefan Salvatore who has come back to high school, trailed by his brother Damon, and has fallen in love with Elena.
I think what captured my heart was his deep and thoughtful eyes. These dark grey pools of intensity turn me into butter every time. I think the directors of this show knows this, because he pulls his thoughtful 'Stefan' gaze many-a-times during the show. But hey, I'm not complaining.
And in more recent episodes, the clothes came off. Okay, well we only saw him shirtless, but it was still amazing. See above shot. Wow, love it. Abs, arms, wow, where do I finish or start?
Ladies, a round of applause for Paul Wesley. 5 out of 5 batting eyelashes and 7 of 7 drooling ladies. <3


me and Reggie at the beach....
Reggie Bush plays football for the New Orleans Saints. He had a promising career out of college, and does make some great plays but in my opinion, has yet to hit his potential peak. However, off the field and out of the stadium, Bush blazes through Hollywood. On and off, now off, squeeze of Kim Kardashian he burns it up at the beach and at photoshoots. I personally hope for a Calvin Klein modelling contract, but thats just me. ;)
His beautiful body deserves 10 out of 10 jaw drops.


I met Jesse Metcalfe many years ago on the soap opera Passions. He played Miguel, and was officially my first celebrity crush. And to this day, he holds a special place on my Hottie List. His gorgeous gray eyes, sensual gaze, and lovely abs, have awarded him with a heartquake off the rictor scale.


I can still dream about Josh Duhamel even if he is married to Fergie?
Its not my fault he is just...so... dreamy? And as a soldier in Transformers he hits one of my all time sweet spots -- a man in uniform.
His rugged good looks and hot bod earn him a million girls a-screaming and 8 out of 8 cougar glances. :]

Let me know what your celeb crushes of 09 were!
Weigh in on my choices!
Comment away!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All That Glitters

Evacuate the Dancefloor...
I have glitterphilia. :]
Im lovin all bedazzled right now,
feelin like i gotta live on the glamourous and wild side.
But i wont go overboard ..
just one sparkly piece at a time.!
new top from Sirens.

all that glitterrs

all that glitterrs by canadiangirrl featuring Adam

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rainbow Rose

a beautiful rose I bought at the market.
photo: me.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jason Derulo new improved Chris Brown

So is Jason Derulo the new and improved Chris Brown.
plus autotune, and better looking :] . . .?
Whatcha Thiiiink...?
[pun intended]

Love for Leggings

Hey guys,
So ..long time no post... sorry. :'(
Moving onnn!
I am on the lookout for a few things preparing for this winter season.. and today my focus is stockings!
Especially black pleather ones.
( I dont wear real leather, I do love animals, but I am also frugal ;] )
and love black lace. <3

Lohans new line of leggings.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Now Coveting...

So pretty much it is back to school time.
So I made a little collage of a few things I desperately covet.
Leather, Studs, Nude Heels, Blake Lively's Hair, Megan Fox's Makeup, high-waisted minis, higher heels, and glamourous accessories.

Currently Covet

Currently Covet by canadiangirrl featuring Valentino bags

Sunday, August 30, 2009


So pretty much..
Im nervous for school.
Yah I don't know why..because usually I nerver get nervous for anything!
I have no problem talking infront of large crowds, or doing dance numbers during competition (I am a dancer), or skating a solo (yes..I am a skater).
But right now I am nervous for my first day of school.
Its my first year of university and I am kind of freaking out.
I barely know anyone who goes to my school (and by anyone I mean like three people who are mere acquaintences).
Im scared for classes and being dumb and not knowing how to write an essay.
I am stressed about having enough money for it all, after the invoices and the books I gotta pay for the car and gas,books, a laptop, and any extras.
I hope that boyfriend and I can take the stretch, and manage this next step together. Its not really long distance because we are both staying at home, but we are going to different schools and are moving forward in our lives.
Im gonna change, and I hope its for the better. I don't want to deviate too far from who I am.
I am SO nervous.
but I am also excited.
Excited to meet new people and make new friends...
have amazing fun experiences and learn new things.
Transform into a self assured young woman who knows what she wants to do and knows what her career in life is going to be.

I am nervous and excited..
to discover me and what I will become.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shopping I

Heyo, so I went out shopping and I thought I would snap shots of my 'outfits', which were not really outfits, just clothes i was trying on. lol

The pink dress I am loving, but did not buy :[ .
I loved the distressed mini, but did not buy. depressing.
I lurved the patterned top. AND I bought it! :]
the purple boostier tube top was kinda cute, but it did not fit in the...bosom area.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

No Way Kanye

So apparently Kanye West thinks he will be the next King Of Pop.
One word:

but I won't just leave it at that.
Kanya will never even touch the ground that Michaell Jackson has walked upon. He has not revolutionized $h!t. Michael changed the world, the industry, and music as we know it. He has the biggest grossing album of all time, with THE most chart toppers for the longest amount of time.
Name ONE number one Kanya had? Anything coming to mind?
Thats what I thought!!
MJ has a kind and compassionate soul whose humanity and generosity have reached all across the planet. He had creative songs and insane dance moves. Kanye only sings about Bro and Hos. Oh and Jesus Walks. Pchtt.!
How pathetic is it that he even tried to give himself the title of King of Pop, let alone The Next King of Pop.
Keep Dreaming Kanye!
Its something that is earned, and your fans tell you whether you are deserving of such a title.
MJ was and is a God. They really should call him the God of the music world. Kanye doesn't even deserve to stand in his shadow.
This really grinds my gears and I hope the world agrees with me.
There will never be another King of Pop, just like there will never be another King of Rock (elvis!).

NO ONE will ever replace Michael Jackson.

get it through your thick egotistical skull that the only person who truly eats your bull and believes in your "greatness" is you, yourself, and you. (yah, not even your mom)

anyways, just had to rant about it.
I feel better now :]
please sound off how you feel about this issue!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Demi Lovato Love

I am just loving Demi Lovato.
Not only is she an extremely talented singer, she is a decent actress as well. I am typically not a huge fan of singers becoming wannabe actors (and vice versa), but in her case it works.
Her new look is totally coveted. I love the dark hair with the pink lips. Love it. Her outfit is great too. It is quite the departure from her sunshine image circa the disney original series 'Sonny with a Chance' and movie 'Camp Rock'.
In her new single 'Here We Go Again' she rocks it in all black, [leather jacket and a dress cinched with a belt and fishnets with heels! Accessorizes with glam bangles and big rings and a big chunky necklace], with very dark hair, brows, and make up, paired with a lovely pink lip.
I guess it would be her personal style shining through, as she has favoured a darker look in the past.
I would love to be able to copy her look, but my light coloured eyes cannot take dark make up very well under almost any circumstance. As for the pink lipstick, probably not. But props to her! It would be cool to see someone else cop this look for themselves. :]
And I would also like to see someone else with fair skin and light coloured eyes create a dark and smoky make-up look, as it is seeming to be a near impossible feat for me!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Scream Ice Cream

I Scream You Scream We All Scream For Ice Cream!!
Me and the fam went out for Dairy Queen last night. Yum. Brownie Batter Blizzard, ah thank you.
Thought I would give ya'll an outfit post. Here you go lovelies!
shirt: white long sleeve with see through skulls on sleeves. borrowed.
shorts: pink, seduction brand. like 5 dollars at a sale.
shoes: walmart... 3 $ !!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009



Meaghan Waller Cycle 3 Winner \/ Judges: Jay Manuel (host), Mike Ruiz (hawtttt! photographer), Yasmine Warsame(supermodel), Nole Marin (creative director).

So Meaghan Waller won the show, Lynsay came in second and Nikita third. I would have to say each has a unique look, but of the top three Lynsay was the one who was not as versatile as the other two. Don't get me wrong, I love her, but she doesnt have a dual look. Meaghan and Nikita can both pull off commercial and high fashion.

One model who really made an impression was Maryam, who was at a disadvantage (her fault) because she did not have a passport. I think if she had, she may have won it all, had she gone to the go sees at least.

This season was so awesome. The first two seasons were totally lame and definitely did not measure up to ANTM. Now there were cooler more creative shoots, they travelled (twice!), had go sees, a sweet fashion show (or a few), and prizes too. Oh and great judges. Did I mention Mike Ruiz. Smokin hot, deff a rival to Nigel Barker as hottest photographer. :)

Im so glad Meaghan won, as I totally can relate to her. She really has talent and passion, and also a unique look, which is essential to becoming a Top Model.

And I totally loved the Finale fashion shwo where the final two, Meaghan and Lynsay, stomped it out for the title in a uber couture show by The Blonds.

I cannot seem to find photos of it though so this is it for now!
Check out more footage and photos here!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Oh summer is here
and then it isnt.
The weather here is so frustrating. Its beautiful for three days and then it pours and is overcast for the next four. Unpredictable. :(
I have yet to make it to the beach.....
But this Saturday is boyfriends Birthday bash! Sweet! There will be pictures, so keep looking for another post after this weekend!!!
that was my quickie update, and an apology for not blogging (how cliche of me...lol)


Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Haul

So I thought I would give a quickie update and show you what I got for my birthday.

Socks (yah exciting right?)
Well I hate not wearing socks because the idea of filthy dirty feet haunts my mind.

pretty necklace

OPI nailpolish. suh-weeeet.

Some goodies from boyfriend from La Senza (its like Victorias Secret but in Canada)
but I will not post my little naughty nothings on the internet. :)

This looks like a stuffed animal riiight? Yes and No. It is a little stuffed lamb dipped in candle wax. Yes candle wax. It almost acts like a scent diffuser for my entire room. It smells of heaven. That is if heaven smelled of pina coladas :] Plus it is adorable.

A giant candle. Check the inside out. Yes real strawberries. Now I thought it was Jam (partially because of the title and partially because it looks like jam) but it is a candle that smells deliciously of fresh strawberries.

More candles. I am sensing a theme or perhaps it is just coincidence. Do my friends and family think I smell? lol. These chic little candle holders plus cinnamon scented tea candles.

My sis, M, gave me the Barbie pink bikini I have coveted for months. Big Score.
I cannot wait to wear it. :)

A reusable bag. Isnt it adorable. Love the bright colours and the pattern. This will be my beach bag.

and I got a bunch of little things like hair scrunchies and clips and hair accessories etc.
I got Cash Moneey. Yes! I need the money to save up for a car. Yay. So not alot of gifts this year, mostly money. lots of it. :)
stay tuned for a future shopping spree.!

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Weekend

Hey there so Ima just give you a plain ol bread n butter post telling ya what i did
So Friday was uber boring. Moving on to Saturday, I had to get up at 230 am with the fam to work. I worked until lunch and was allowed to leave early because I was heading to a wedding.
Weddings are totally fun. It was at this swanky hotel, the ceremony the reception the dinner and the whole shabang. It was great.

I did a quickie switchie from farm girl frump to girly glamorous!
Did the hair all voluminous and wore this beautiful floral dress. I felt very Marchesa meets Barbie. :)

The exciting thing was that I was legal to drink. So before cocktail hour a friend bought me a strawberry daquiri and it was yum.
During cocktail hour I knocked back a few smirnoff vodka mixed drinks and I was ready to dance the night away!
And so I did, and cheers to the happy couple!

The next morning we had this free continental breaky, and then we had brunch! There was a delish omelette station, a huge dessert table, a chocolate fountain complete with fresh fruit, belgian waffles, french toast, and pretty much everything my little heart desired :)
and then the rest of the day was gorgeous.....so we laid out in the sun soaking up the rays, a fabulous end to a fabulous weekend!
here are some pictys, sorry the one full body is so cruddy, I didnt really have time for pics!! :(