Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rain on My Parade...

OH ----EMM---GEE!!!!!


it is supposed to rain on my birthday.

so disappointing.

I really wanted to go to the beach.

Well.. 60% chance. But we all know that means "dont get your hopes up"

Cause if you hope it aint gonna rain, all bets are that it will. Just to spite you.


Fingas crossed the Weather Network is wrong.

Maybe it will change, and it will be gorgeous all day.....
(knocks on wood. Dont jinx it! dont jinx it!)



So.. to look Gorgeous for my bday...

I am doing an at home spa night.

Alone. lol.

My sisters left :( (M is 15 and H is 11. A is 20 but doesnt live at home)

and I am so not doing mani pedis with bro, L, who is 12.

hahahah. He would like that. bazziiing!

May Be dying hair tanight!!

Hopefully Mom will still wanna go to Walmart for hair dye, it is a-storming! (grr..)

will post before and after pics!!!

pray against the rain for this monday, June 1st!!! Do not kill any spiders ;)


Sarah said...

Awww weather is so unpredictable huh!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you, and have a Happy B'day!!!! I love the idea of doing mani ped's with your 12 year old bro LOL that just made my day :)

DaisyChain said...

I hope you had a fantastic birthday and that it stayed dry!