Friday, May 29, 2009

Tres Excited!



in three days.

but it feels like it.
I am just one of those people who draw out the birthday celebration to like.. a week.
Love it.
So I am turning the big 1-9

Yah, geezer right?
But here in Canada it means I am of legal age to drink....suhweet.
So boyfriend says that he will bu my first drink. But where?
And most importantly....what?

I truly am a lover of sweet drinks, ever since one crazy halloween party I just cannot stand the smell/taste of alcohol. I am not a beer gal, more of a vodka chika, I can take shots, but if I am enjoying a fruity drink, I dont wanna taste the alcohol. I have no tolerance. Cheap drunk ha ha. Which I guess is aiight in these times where saving money in all perspectives is necessary.

Here is my dream cake. I know, I am not Debbie, or am I 30, but I love this cake. If the inside was chocolate I would love it more. :)

So any suggestions.? Any favourites you would love to share? Please Comment!!


DaisyChain said...

I'll wish you an early Happy Birthday now then,

oh 19...

I miss it ;)

Canadian Girl said...

hey there!
Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Elena said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!!