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I saw this headline on my MSN homepage about Archie and Betty and Veronica and I just had to read it, and share it with the blog world.

First things first. I have been reading the Archie comics brand since I was like 8 years old. I probably have a couple hundred issues in a box in our attic.

So, the obvious cornerstone of Archie comics has been this never ending love triangle between the three. Rich and spoiled Veronice (Ronnie) Lodge, Betty Cooper -the all american good girl, and of course our indecisive ginger Archie Andrews.
From a young age I recognize how unfair it was for a man, such as Archie, to string along two women, sitting between the fences of two yards. He was never really forced to choose, no real confrontation, at least in my memory. So poo on Archie for being a jerk!
But I guess it makes Betty and Veronica just as dumb to allow themselves to be treated this way, to be frenemies and made to to lie and backstab just for a boy. But I guess that is what makes the love triangle so juicy right?
I read the story and found that


{drum rollllllll}


I was sincerely disappointed in his choice. If he knew what was good for him he would have chosen Betty Cooper. The girl who has time and time again done everything for him, tolerated his shit and the fact that he is also dating her best friend. She was probably the one who did his homework and chores etc. In my opinion, he didnt treat Betty like she deserved to be treated, like a princess. Thats how he treated Veronica, and she did dick all.
So maybe Archie is marrying for money? $$$$
But after I gave it more thought I realized... Archie doesn't deserve Betty! He really does deserve to be with shallow and stupid spoiled Veronica! Betty needs to meet the man of her dreams. Lets pray it is not Reggie!!! or Jughead! lol.

Its kind of like Gossip Girl I guess. Blair and Chuck are incredibly alike, and at the end of this season (2), they end up together.

Noticing a parallel I figured Betty just needs to find her Dan Humphrey or Nate Archibald. :]
But just because he has proposed (in the 600th issue) does not mean there is no possibility for further drama. Maybe they wont get married. Maybe they are doomed to fail. Maybe some rich man will sweep Ronnie Lodge off her feet, and by the time he turns to Betty she will be gone and he will be alone forever! karmic retribution indeed!

Now a real shocker would have been that he proposed to the red headed bombshell Cheryl Blossom.


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