Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So... I am kind of angry
Mostly because my computer is slow as snails in a traffic jam.
I have dial up. Yes, the dreaded dial up.
It makes it impossible to upload pictures. So you know if I uploaded pictures I had to think about it seriously, pondering whether I was willing to commit my time to such a gesture.
I did a post a while ago to enter Sarah's Disney contest. So I did it up buuuut when I went to post the link in her comments computer disconnected and then shut down.
I was like "Oh Damn!" I will do it later, no bigs, just be chills. Ha. didnt happen. But I guess that is partially my fault.
And then the other day I "sent" the email to her of the pictures and link.
It didnt send apparently. This morning I got one of those delivery status notification failure, or whatever you call it. And so by that point it was too late, so I obviously did not make it into the contest. this upset me cause it was my first contest entry, and I was tres excited.
It just makes me want to karate chop my computer in half Jackie Chan style.
hate it hate it hate it. dang it dang it dang it.
Disappointed! :'(
But congrats to Sarah for getting so many entries! I dont think mine would have stood a chance! They were all amazing.
on the positive side.. I did have alot of fun doing it. And my computer teaches me an odd form of anger management. GooseFraBaaaaa....

Check out my Little Mermaid entry HERE. <<<<


Pop Champagne said...

oh cute!! Thanks for adding me, I'm sorry that the entry didn't go through in time. Well I invite you to join my contest!! :D

Pop Champagne said...

Yeah I agree, I've encountered that comment many times when the guys are like "she's just a girl how would she know" it's super frustrating. I tried cutting my hair shorter and I got more respect but the people that talk bad on you are still going to find any reason to do so. I think that those people are just emo and envious of people with the looks and the brain! Thanks for the comment!