Thursday, May 21, 2009


So I was outside today, doing some outdoor work for ma mere.
I was by the barn and picking up some crates for some odd job when I, being a tad of a klutz, dropped them all.
Then I heard this hissing, almost snarling noise behind me.
I whip around and see nothing (not at eye level anyways)
Then I look down, and against the barn wall is a kitten sized raccoon.
I must admit, at that precise moment I was terrified.
What if it attacked me, or if it had rabies.
My mind is racing with images of that terrifying movie Quarantine and of images of this fur ball clinging and clawing on my head.
I took a few steps back, reassuring myself I could outrun this little critter.
[Yah. I am cool.]
Then we both stood there, the raccoon looking at me, and I at the 'coon.
My heart sank to my toes. It was blind. Yes. Both of its eyes appeared to have been clawed out of their sockets.
The poor little animal was simply reacting to the loud (clumsy) noise I had made, and was trying to defend itself.
I stayed still and quiet.
Then it crawled back between the barn and crates (there was about 3 or4 inches of space between the two).
I quickly recovered from the initial shock of seeing the raccoon and ran back into the barn to grab my cell phone.. to take pictures of course.
I took a few and then observed that the little raccoon looked dehydrated, as it licked its parched lips and blindly stumbled between the crates. I quickly poured my bottled water into a bowl and grabbed some of our guinea pigs food to feed it.
I pulled on some thick electrical gloves and approached the coon. (who knows if it would bite me or whatever. Just being safe)
I just set down the water and food and watched for a minute or two. before I realized that of course it couldn't help itself because it couldn't see!
Gawsh! Sometimes I can be a bit of a dunce. lol.
Then I slowly and cautiously grabbed the water bowl and positioned it on an angle so that the water would pour onto the ground and drip near its mouth.
It got the hint!
The poor little thing lapped up the water thirstily. It had a few pieces of food but not much.
It just seemed like it had been laying there, waiting to die.

My little brother got home and helped me with finding a temporary shelter for the baby coon. To keep it from the birds, flies, and of course our huge dog, as well as wild dogs.
yes we have coyotes and such.
So now we have it up on our mothers barn desk, away from predators and the extreme heat and relentless flies, which were bugging it (no pun intended) and picking at its injured eyes.
I hope it will be okay.
I am not really sure what to do. So right now my mom and I are making calls, trying to see if we should take it to a wild animal shelter or vet, or if we should just let nature take its course, and let it back into the wild....

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