Thursday, May 21, 2009

Barbie <3

I love Barbie.
Always have. Always will.
I had dozens and dozens of barbies as a child, as did my three sisters.
Which means like.. a hundred barbies.
Plus my Grandma collects Barbies.
So I thought it would be very appropriate to enter this Barbie themed contest. :)
Here is my inspiration: Barbie Pictures

Canadian Barbie (unofficial)

Marchesa barbie

Red Carpet barbie

Malibu Barbie

beach Barbie

So I am really trying to focus on *brunette* Barbie styles to be inspired by, because that is my hair colour.
I am deff digging the pink.....
but shall I go Barbie glam or Barbie classic?

I will update with my choice and my entry soon!!!



Couture Carrie said...

Go Barbie glam, darling!

Love this post, especially the runway Barbie!

And I totally agree with you and Camilla about La Lohan...


Kristin said...

I want a Marchesa Barbie!!

bri said...

Thanks for the exercise tips. Yeah We never used much butter on my grilled cheese - butter grosses me out too!

Mademoisselle Chic said...

That model looks gorgeous!

DaisyChain said...

Yessssss. I love Barbie too. I'm pretty sure I have dozens of them in the attic.