Friday, March 13, 2009

Post-it Couture

Looking at the above, ooh pretty dresses right? Yes of course, but they are made of tiny sticky paper notes, commonly referred to as post-it notes. I just watched project runway canada for the first time, as nothing else was on, and I really enjoyed it. In this challenge they were given a little money to buy the base fabric and then over top of the, the entire design of the dress had to be post-it notes. Some competitors were really creative, and spray painted, paper-mached, rolled, folded, etc some of the post-its to enhace the look and design of their dress. The really nice part about this challenge was that the models were all breast cancer survivors, and that the dresses after the challenge were donated to an auction, after which the proceeds of the auction went to the charity. (Breast Cancer Foundation i think...)
My favourite dress was the one just below, now I can't remember the name of who designed it, but I am pretty sure it was the short guy (he is the only on left, so...he is hard to miss.) Unfortunately he did not win the challenge this week, the far left front row dress in the above picture is the winning dress. But check out the gold and blue one. The detail! All of those blue papers were coordinated and then all cut to gie an almost frayed appearance, almost like chiffon or tulle. Even her necklace is made of post-its!

Here are some other post-it pictures I found via Google images. Some people go a little overboard, but I must admit it is entertaining.

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