Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Confessions.... (part one)

I think that everyone in the world has a dirty little secret. At least one.
But I am willing to admit to many. So What? And I don't care who hates on me.
But why do we have dirty secrets?
Is it because we believe other people will think of us in a bad way or from a different perspective? Do we have a fear of being judged or rejected?
Or are we afraid to admit it to ourselves?
Maybe it doesn't fit into the portrait of ourselves that we share with the world, or how other people may see us.
I believe that everyone should be proud of those little things that they try to hide.
So, my fellow bloggers, here are a few of mine.
  • Freckles! - Omg, I know, right? I used to hate them, and covered them up with a slick water proof foundation [Covergirl]. But now I embrace it, and I never (almost) wear foundation.
  • I am a HUGE NERD. Yes. Not many of my friends/ acquaintances know this. Its my hidden secret. I love Harry Potter. I lurvve reading books. Or anything for that matter. Put it in front of me, and I will read it. I love Super Mario Brothers video games and Mortal Kombat. And Pokemon on my brothers Game Boy. Oh yes, I would squirrel away his Game Boy when he wasn't watching, and play Pokemon for hours on end while he was looking for it.
  • Im Really good at MATH!. This sort of goes with the above. But it needed its own section. Yes, I am a Calculus & Vectors freak. I think its fun and easy. Im not tryna brag. Just fessin' up.
  • I never do my homework and still get great grades. No lies. I have always been the biggest procrastinator ever. Procrastinating QUEEN. I wouldn't study or do worksheets, and when the test came I pulled 90's out of thin air. I have no clue why. Even as a kid at skating competitions, I got gold or placed top three, by hardly practicing at all. Im sure it will catch up with me.
  • I am S L O W. But only in movies. Sometimes I just can't focus and have a hard time figuring things out. Like one time I was watching a movie and for like 45 minutes I believed that these two totally different characters were the same person. Not my fault they looked the same. Maybe one should have had a tan, a scar, or lighter coloured hair. JEEZ!
  • I lurvve pickle and cheese sandwiches on 12 grain bread. Cheese must be marble, pickles must be gherkins, thinly sliced. Kind of scary picky, but its a childhood fave.

Perhaps there will be a Part Two of My Confessions [cue Usher with rippling abs]

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