Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Needa Get Ma Hairs Did

I need to get my hair done. It is seriously overdue for a chop. There is no life, no layers. I have triple split ends! Yes, its possible, its when you have a split end and branching off of that split is anoth, and then another off that. I only saw one, but who says there aren't others?

Its horrifying. I don't know about anyone else, but I have a problem with split ends, because once I spot one, I can't help but sift through my hair looking for others. The greatest temptation comes when I want to bust out a pair of scissors and cut them all off.

OCD a little, right?

But I can't, because my hairdresser says its not good for my hair because the scissors aren't sharp enough, and that it will mess up the layers and the style.

Whatevs. Fine, I need a cut though.

But then comes the life altering and dramatic question . . .

What Style? Because your selection is of utmost importance, because when hair goes wrong...

Dun Dun DUN! Because I think we all have been there...

you know... The time when you are sitting in the chair with the black cape on, and are stunned, horrified, petrified to the point of silence. You have the worst hairdo ever. But you say you love it, thanks, pay your money, and leave.

But it just doesnt feel right inside. Hair heartbreak.

Here is mine. I went to my hair salon, and I had exactly what I wanted in my head. I wanted long side swept bangs, that style that was all the rage. Anyway, so she set about doing. So how hard could it get. Right? Well.... I must illustrate via drawn picture, because I would gesture what happened if you were standing in front of me.

This is what I wanted....>>

Jennifer Aniston, totally gorgeous. That is the hair do I wanted. See, no weird bang snafu.


So I said Never Again. I speak up when my hair is being chopped to prevent future butchering. I bring in my own pictures, even draw illustrations of exactly what I want. I then give a direct explanation so they know exactly what I want. Controlling, maybe. But the last thing I want to happen to my hair is to have it look terrible.

But I think this time I will try on some new styles.

Nothin drastic, but a changed for sure. Maybe one of those sites where you take your picture and try new dos.


K @ Blog Goggles said...

Wow, I'm so sorry. I totally know what you mean about haircut regret... but I always feel better about it after a few days.

Canadian Girl said...

Haha, yeah I guess. Eventually it grew back, but it was definitely a lesson learned.
Unfortunately for me, I have had many hair dresser mishaps! I should have known better! lol

Canadian Girl said...

To all the people out there who keep stumbling upon my blog from google!
Come and comment, maybe even follow me!
I can see who you are!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel for you, and am terrified of the same thing happening to me. Thanks for the advice!