Monday, June 8, 2009

My Weekend

Hey there so Ima just give you a plain ol bread n butter post telling ya what i did
So Friday was uber boring. Moving on to Saturday, I had to get up at 230 am with the fam to work. I worked until lunch and was allowed to leave early because I was heading to a wedding.
Weddings are totally fun. It was at this swanky hotel, the ceremony the reception the dinner and the whole shabang. It was great.

I did a quickie switchie from farm girl frump to girly glamorous!
Did the hair all voluminous and wore this beautiful floral dress. I felt very Marchesa meets Barbie. :)

The exciting thing was that I was legal to drink. So before cocktail hour a friend bought me a strawberry daquiri and it was yum.
During cocktail hour I knocked back a few smirnoff vodka mixed drinks and I was ready to dance the night away!
And so I did, and cheers to the happy couple!

The next morning we had this free continental breaky, and then we had brunch! There was a delish omelette station, a huge dessert table, a chocolate fountain complete with fresh fruit, belgian waffles, french toast, and pretty much everything my little heart desired :)
and then the rest of the day was we laid out in the sun soaking up the rays, a fabulous end to a fabulous weekend!
here are some pictys, sorry the one full body is so cruddy, I didnt really have time for pics!! :(

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