Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eighties Jeans

I lurve lurve LURVE this eighties acid jeans trend. Ashely Tisdale just looks Fab-U-Lous!

so hot. So I made an inspiration page for myself.

Perhaps I shall make my own! what a novel idea!

80's jeans

(I got this off of some yahoo q&a message board)
FIRST OF ALL: put on some old clothes you wouldnt mind getting bleach on and a pair of gloves if u have sensitive skin. i am 31 years old so i was in my early teens thru the 80's. grew up in the nineties but kinda know this because we did it then too. your jeans will not fall apart by adding bleach to them FOR A SHORT TIME. They will for sure if u leave it on too long. Take a small clean mop bucket and add bleach. Put your pants in and get them totally absorbed. Take them out of the bleach ring them out ...not so completely tho. Take your rocks and scrub them up and down them. This will push the bleach down into the fibers and give u the "stone washed" look. You will have to scrub at them really well with the rocks. Or at some drugs stores, maybe walmart you can by an actuall stone washing kit. The stone washing kit is done thru your drier. But of course this is the do it yourself site. After you have scrubbed the bleach into the jeans very well u will let them sit 5 or 10 minutes. Do not let this project take more then 20 minutes or so. Wash your jeans immediatly, because after this point they could fall apart. But a short time with bleach on them will not kill them. Wash with other white clothing that you would be bleaching. Dry as usual!

I even found a link for a videa on how to acid wash jeans! suh-weet.

Wish Me Luck!

After I take on this project I will take pictures and share it with ya'll!


Sarah said...

OH wow these jeans look amazing! What a fantastic idea to do it yourself! Can't wait to see how you go. Good luck : )

Mademoisselle Chic said...

love the jeans also!

Elliott Broidy said...

I like these! They look great!