Sunday, August 30, 2009


So pretty much..
Im nervous for school.
Yah I don't know why..because usually I nerver get nervous for anything!
I have no problem talking infront of large crowds, or doing dance numbers during competition (I am a dancer), or skating a solo (yes..I am a skater).
But right now I am nervous for my first day of school.
Its my first year of university and I am kind of freaking out.
I barely know anyone who goes to my school (and by anyone I mean like three people who are mere acquaintences).
Im scared for classes and being dumb and not knowing how to write an essay.
I am stressed about having enough money for it all, after the invoices and the books I gotta pay for the car and gas,books, a laptop, and any extras.
I hope that boyfriend and I can take the stretch, and manage this next step together. Its not really long distance because we are both staying at home, but we are going to different schools and are moving forward in our lives.
Im gonna change, and I hope its for the better. I don't want to deviate too far from who I am.
I am SO nervous.
but I am also excited.
Excited to meet new people and make new friends...
have amazing fun experiences and learn new things.
Transform into a self assured young woman who knows what she wants to do and knows what her career in life is going to be.

I am nervous and excited..
to discover me and what I will become.

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daisychain said...

I remember being like that before I started college. I think the nerves helped me push myself more wheras the excitment kept me motivated and sociable!