Sunday, May 16, 2010


Oh Dandelions!

a) The pesky weeds that you can never get rid of?
b) Or super-herb with more vitamins than carrots or spinach?
c) Tasty?
d) b and c

Dandelions are considered a nuisance by many, but to those in the know, they're a welcome source of free food. They're loaded in vitamins and anti-oxidants, and can be eaten from blossom to root. Now that's hard to beat!
I decided today to write about dandelions not just because they seem to be everywhere I go and run by the thousands on my property, but my Noonie (Italian granfather) was reminiscing about his mother's cooking, and how she used dandelion in a pinch to make meals for her family. Inspiring!

You can make so many delicious recipes with this herb! Cream of dandelion soup, dandelion wine, dandelion fritters and pancakes, dandelion greens salad, jelly, fried blossoms, dandelion desserts, sauteed, and so much more!
I can't wait to make dandelion wine and fritters! My Noonie told me that the dandelion wine is incredibly high in alcohol levels!! Made for a great story of his part!

Recommended Cookbook:

Dandelions Are Free by: Stacy L. Wanchisn

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Amazon Price: $14.95



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