Friday, January 30, 2009

Canadian Girl

Cause I'll be your Canadian girl,

Canadian girl.!

Hello Blog and eLurker World!

This Canadian Girl is a lovely mix, (what Canadian is not?), that consists of half Irish, part Hungarian, part Italian.

I love to read almost anything I can get my hands on, and I love bacon and maple syrup.

I grew up in a small Canadian town, very kitschy and atypical, much like Stars Hollow from Gilmour Girls (a show of which I watch re-runs religiously).

A few years back my father left our family, (I have many siblings, 5 actually) and it has been a little rough, but my mom stuck with it, and here we are

Waiting in that limbo between university and high school.

Waiting for life to happen,


Canadian Girl


Alice is not my Name said...

I seem to have stumbled upon your blog by clicking the "next blog" button about 5073 times...

I love love love maple syrup and it really only ever enhances the taste of anything it is on.

Anyways, hope in your part of Canada the buses aren't on strike, otherwise you could end up commenting on random people's blogs out of boredom. Which, incidentally, is what I'm doing.

Canadian Girl said...

That is indeed no lie that maple syrup magically improves drastically the taste of anything it is poured on.
The other day I made waffles and, unfortunatly, they tasted like soap.
Knowing that I did not pour soup into the waffle mix I assumed the waffle maker was not rinsed.
I drowned my waffles in maple syrup.
and VOILA, not so bad.